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What is mobile banking?

Mobile Banking formats our Online Banking screens so you can easily and quickly view your bank account information from an internet enabled cellphone. SMS/text allows you to receive SMS/text bank account information.

What can I do with mobile banking?

Once you have enrolled for this service, you can:  

  • View transaction history  
  • View account balances  
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Pay bills to existing payees (must currently be enrolled for Northstar Bank’s bill pay service)
  • Find closest branch or ATM  
How do I enroll in mobile banking?
Note: You must enroll in Northstar Bank’s Online Banking before utilizing Mobile Banking.
  • Open the Northstar Bank app
  • Enter your Online Banking username and password
  • Click sign in
  • Put a check mark in the box “Accept End User License Agreement”
  • Set up Two-factor authentication 
    • When the "secure your account" screen appears, complete the form details to set up two-factor authentication
    • After entering the form details, select next
    • Enter the verification code sent from the app
    • Select verify
  • Create a passcode for this device
  • Confirm the passcode created
  • You will then receive an option to sign in using Touch ID – you can choose to enable or choose not now
  • The tutorial will display or you can choose to skip
What if I don’t have a smart phone?

Don’t worry, Northstar Bank offers two other types of mobile banking.  If your phone is internet enabled, you can use Northstar Bank’s mobile banking URL: or you can use Northstar Bank’s SMS/text mobile banking option.

What is the number that is displayed when receiving SMS/text?

The number that displays when receiving SMS/text is 469228.

I just enrolled for mobile banking online and received three text messages, is that right?

Yes, you will receive three text messages.

  • The first text requires a response to complete the Northstar Bank SMS Mobile Banking enrollment
  • The second text enables your Northstar Bank mobile browser banking
  • The third text is to complete your enrollment for the Northstar Bank SMS Mobile Banking

I just enrolled for Northstar Bank’s mobile banking but have not received my text confirmations, how long does it take to get the text messages?

You should receive the test messages almost instantly. If you don’t receive the text within 5 minutes, you should verify your phone number is correct in Online Banking. When entering your phone number, there should not be any dashes or spaces. 

Where do I change my phone number for Mobile Banking?

Your phone number can be changed in Online Banking. Once you are logged in to Online Banking, select other services > mobile banking > change log in details. As a security precaution, you will receive a text with a new password. Once you receive this temporary password, log in with your username and the temporary password. You will then be prompted to change your password. 

What do I need to do if I get a new phone?  

If you get a new phone but are using the same phone number and provider, no changes on your part are necessary; just download the Northstar Bank mobile app to your new phone. If you switch providers and/or phone numbers, log in to your Online Banking account via your computer and update your information under other services > mobile banking > change log in details.  As a security precaution, you will receive a text with a new password, in which you will need to log in with your log in ID and password; you will then be prompted to change the password.   

My spouse and I both would like Northstar Bank’s mobile banking, is this possible?

Yes, but you will both need an individual Online Banking log in ID in order to enable mobile banking on each phone.   

I want to make a bill payment with my smart phone, can I do this on Northstar Bank’s mobile banking app?

Yes, you can make bill payments via the Northstar Bank mobile app or the Northstar Bank URL. (To do so you must be currently enrolled for Northstar Bank’s bill pay service.)   

Can I add a new payee in the bill payment tab in Northstar Bank’s mobile app/URL?

No, for security purposes, payments can only be made to bill pay payees that are already set up within Online Banking. To add a new payee, log in to Online Banking and select other services > mobile banking > change password.  Enter your password and confirm.  If you are unable to log in to your Online Banking, contact your local branch for assistance.  

How do I know if my transfer or bill payment was entered successfully?

When a transfer or bill payment has been successfully entered, a screen will display showing what you requested and give you a reference code. 

How much of my transaction history is available on Northstar Bank's mobile app/URL?

Northstar Bank's mobile app/URL has 30 days worth of transaction history available.

I forgot my password, how do I unlock or change it? 

Log in to Online Banking, select other services > mobile banking > change password. Enter your password and confirm. If you are unable to log in to Online Banking, contact your local branch for assistance. 

Is Northstar Bank’s mobile banking secure?

Yes! Northstar Bank’s Mobile banking uses the same security infrastructure as our Online Banking, which includes:

  • HTTPS encryption with 128‐bit AES public key encryption certificates for all traffic between the mobile device, the Internet, and mobile banking servers.
  •  Connection via secured‐socket layer (SSL)
  • No data or application pages are stored on the mobile device with each page being retrieved on‐demand.
  • Authentication is session‐based using a mobile log in; mobile password, and the same MFA used for Online Banking to authenticate the user for the duration of their browsing session.
  • Mobile password 3‐strike Lockout. If three incorrect password attempts are made, the Mobile Banking locks the user out. Users can unlock the app by changing their Mobile Banking password in Online Banking.

Password and usage recommendations:

  • Set up account nicknames to avoid having to send an actual account number or other sensitive information via text.
  • Delete all text messages from Mobile Banking after viewing.
  • Keep your mobile device’s operating system up‐to‐date. *For assistance, you should contact the merchant where you purchased your mobile phone or your mobile carrier.
  • Install anti‐malware software for Internet browsing on your mobile phone.  
  • Click on the LOGOUT button after each web browser session.
  • Use the mobile device’s pass code/password screen lock functionality, if available.
  • Set up email or text alerts in Online Banking to monitor account balances.  
  • If using a smart phone, install an app that wipes data remotely in case the device is lost or stolen.  
  • Do not allow your mobile device to remember log in credentials.
How do I cancel my mobile banking service?

Log in to your Online Banking and select other services > mobile banking > disable mobile access. A confirmation SMS text message will be sent to your cell phone.

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